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Things are about to get real serious! RikoBanx was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Pensacola, FL. He was known to his family and friends as; Ricardo Lavell McCarty. RikoBanx began to learn life’s ups and downs. He watched his mother work hard to get him out of the ghetto, which at the time she had no choice but to raise him in. He was mostly drawn into music one day when his father let him play on his techniques 1200 DJ turntables. I t wasn’t until his cousins came down to visit from Boston that music became something he would ultimately chase for the rest of his life. Rap was just taking off when his cousins came down to visit and they gave him a taste of what hip hop life was like up north. That pretty much sealed the deal. He wanted to be like his cousins, only better. Middle school is when RikoBanx started to write his own music at the age of 10. It wasn’t until 10th grade that he recorded his first song. He fell in love with the process, as well as the outcome after hearing his finished work.

RikoBanx left Pensacola, FL. at the age of 19 to become a U.S. Marine. He was stationed in Honolulu, HI where he met and became friends with a group of brother Marines that would take his skills that much higher. Practicing and freestyling everyday after work for about 2 years opportunity started to knock. He began opening at local events for several rap acts such as, 12 Gauge, The Pharcyde, and others before leaving for civilian life in ’96.

Back in Pensacola, where he calls home, he is still making music and recording daily. The “Beatmisers” is the name of the production team he’s putting together and 12 Rounds Entertainment is the label he rocks with.  He always says, “Tomorrow is not Today, so PLEASE STAY TUNED!”

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