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Eric James Newman or .redSon (born August 2, 1991) is a cine-poet/ rapper from Jefferson, South Carolina. Around age 10 he recognized his talent for writing but did not develop the craft until much later.

After moving away to attend Lander University, .redSon began to question what he was taught about life and God. He wanted to seek and create meaning for himself through personal experience. Throughout his time in Greenwood and later in San Francisco, he found God; it was in him the whole time.

During this spiritual journey, writing became a way to express his innermost thoughts and feelings. He began to share these writings, in poems, on Instagram. .redSon quickly grew bored of his words simply being contained on a page as he wanted to bring them to life through voice and music. This in turn birthed cinepoetry and is his main avenue of artistic expression on Facebook and Instagram.

.redSon’s only hope is to inspire seekers of Truth and teach through his music.

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