Matt Aaron

Matt Aron

Newcomer to hip-hop, producer and lyricist Matt Aaron plans to represent his city of Atlanta. His style ranges from melodic flows to conscious to club hits.  Matt Aaron plans to take over the city by showing his range as an artist and to give everyone a taste of his versatility.

After being engulfed in music since he was a child, Matt decided picked up the pen at age 16.  He always knew music was a part of him, and he finally figured out how to put his passion to work. He put up some of his work on social media and gained a good response from his friends, so he decided to keep going with it.  After rapping over other producer’s beats, he grew tired of searching for beats that didn’t quite fit his sound.  Soon after graduating high school, he began producing original beats.

Matt grew up around music, his father was a music teacher, his two older brothers played in the band, but he always knew he’d want to explore a different lane.  Influenced by Artist liked Kanye, j. Cole, kendrick, big Sean, and Travis Scott, Matt plans to use those influences to create his own sound and hopefully make his mark. His inspiration stems from just making music that people either can relate to or want to turn up to.

When asked about his motivation in music he said, “Music is fun and the fact I can creatively speak on topics, tell stories or give people lit energy, and inspire others is what drives me.”

Matt Aaron is all about making hits that everyone can vibe to.  He hopes to do collabs with artists such as Big Sean, 2Chainz, Raury and Chance the Rapper and he is on the path to do just that.

One day, he hopes to be put in the same category as those who inspired him to pursue a career in music today. Matt Aaron will continue to impress the hip hop industry as he perfects his performance, production, and power to put his city on the map.

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