Cody Bryant

Cody Bryant

Cody Bryant, age 26 years old, Born april 22nd 1992 at Lodi memorial hospital.  He was raised and lived in California,  untill i was 17 when he moved to wisconisin in the midwest.  He is a Father of 5, his oldest is  Lexii, cole,  addison, owen, and Athena, his youngest.
He started writing music in 2010  as a way to express his views on life and how i felt. initially music was a lot to do with helping me get through some of the hardest times in life.  When all i wanted was somebody to be there,  i had music that ended up driving me to write like crazy.
So he took off and put the pen to paper and he didn’t ever once look back, second guess himself, or quit, NO MATTER WHAT.

Despite anything anybody did or said to, or about me and my music he never gave up. He admittedly wasn’t very good starting out with music, but as time passed his skills progressed steadily,  its 2018 now and he can say this honestly when he tells you, hes a well known bar smith in any area hes put in.  Practice really is key, and he has been working vigorously since 2010.

He currently resides out of Everett Washington.   He recorded his sensational sound at Statememnt music recording studio llc. located out of Everett Washington.  In august 13th of 2017 he competed in the Wutang management Protect ya neck records competition out of Washington and took first place which lead to a 50/50 distribution deal offer, (he turned down).

He has a solid fan base and following who follows and travels with him whenever and wherever he has live shows.  Hes just doing him, eating, ridin, grindin, feeling, & Living this music life.

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